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1. What is the minimum duration for which equipment can be rented?
For short durations like a month or less we generally hire equipment for a minimum quantity of 50 units. For a duration commitment of 6 months and above any quantity is provided on hire by us.

2. Do you rent to individuals / small companies or what is your selection criteria for clients?
We have a team that does the backcheck of the interested party… we do not rent to individuals or very small companies as it is difficult for us to verify their credentials. However even in the case of large companies the approval for issuing equipment is finally taken by our credit team who decides the same on various perimeters.

3. Are the equipments that are given on hire insured?
The equipments are not insured by us. However we can provide our clients with necessary documents related to the equipment so that they can get it insured

4. Do the Systems come with any Software?
The equipment do not come with any preinstalled software. However since we are Microsoft SPLA partners we can provide you with all Microsoft software on a monthly basis by charging additional depending on the requirement.

5. What is the turnaround time for replacement / repair of any product?
For long term contracts where brand new equipment is provided the service is given by respective brand whose equipment customer has opted for… However we do provide standby systems in case of emergency and as a part of our 0 downtime policy.

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